Clarus Risk Limited (Clarus) was formed following the global financial crisis to provide independent, institutional risk solutions to fiduciary and investment companies.

‘Clarus’ represents our ‘clear’ business purpose to provide our clients with first-class risk reporting and personnel. Clarus offers two core solutions, TopSheets®, a fiduciary risk solution and RiskMonitor®, an institutional risk aggregation and reporting solution.

For more information please watch our short video, or Contact Us to request a free consultation, or one of the following case studies:

  • Fiduciary risk reporting
  • UCITS risk reporting
  • AIFMD independent risk function


Latest Clarus Market Data

Index Date Value MTD Market
Clarus Financial Turbulence26/08/20158.0623.27%Distressed27/08/2015 06:15
Index Date Value MTD YTD Updated 
Clarus GBP Cautious26/08/2015157.28-2.33%-0.38%27/08/2015 06:31
Clarus GBP Balanced26/08/2015157.28-3.15%-1.05%27/08/2015 06:31
Clarus GBP Strategic26/08/2015163.23-4.27%-1.33%27/08/2015 06:31

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Research & News

Risk, Governance & Compliance for Financial Institutions 2015

This ebook is a resource to help financial institutions better recognise and manage risks, governance and compliance challenges. Clarus Risk’s article ‘The Growing Role of Financial Risk Management’ features in Chapter 1. Please use this link to access the ebook or contact us to request a copy.

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