Benefit from full oversight and control of your risk reporting using RiskMonitor.

RiskMonitor automates data collection, enriches and reconciles data through integrated market data vendors and applies asset class and portfolio risk analytics, generating risk reports and filings customised to you. With RiskMonitor access, users can design their own report templates, produce ad hoc reports, flex risk tolerances, apply new stress tests, update fund restrictions, apply liquidity scenarios, change benchmarks, produce regulatory filings and more.

Complex analytics and high-quality reports are produced quickly, so you can say goodbye to hours spent in spreadsheets.

Flexible customer options

RiskMonitor SaaS

ManCos and larger fund managers control workflows, full control of your risk reporting with support from our experts.


  • RiskMonitor Analytics
  • Help centre and technical documentation
  • Manage fund details and risk settings
  • Report sign off workflow
  • Design, produce and schedule reports on demand


RiskMonitor View

Highly efficient, outsourced managed service for smaller fund managers.



  • RiskMonitor analytics
  • Help centre and technical documentation
  • View fund details and risk settings
  • Report sign-off workflow



Institutional partners integrate analytics from the RiskMonitor reporting engine via API.


  • RiskMonitor analytics
  • Help centre and technical documentation


The Benefits

The friendly user interface facilitates streamlined onboarding of multiple funds, making our solution ideal for those with multiple funds including ManCos and ACDs.

RiskMonitor has established connectivity with 80+ leading fund administrators, depositaries and counterparties for automated data collection via email, SFTP or API.

Reports can be produced on any schedule from intraday to annual. Alternatively, create reports on demand, perfect for running stress tests or checking multiple scenarios.

Manage report distribution at a fund level or report level by SFTP or email. Alternatively, download any of your current or historical reports via the platform when you choose.

Once a regulatory filing has been produced and reviewed by an Clarus Risk analyst, it will come to the designated employee from your organisation for sign off before submission.

All reports processes show detailed logs of all steps undertaken including highlighted breaches, reconciliations and warnings. Email alerts can be tailored.

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