The RiskMonitor® Performance solution aims to enhance the fiduciary-investment manager relationship rather than alter it. The solution identifies performance, liquidity and fee details for fund of funds, as well as factor analysis, in simple fact sheet style reports for funds. It offers a simple yet flexible risk monitoring solution based on the provision of an independent and objective investment reporting framework. We also offer consulting support to resolve issues such as new policy review and manager selection.

Key features:

  • Simple traffic light outcome to evaluate investment risk
  • Management reporting across all accounts to complement account-level reporting
  • Reporting for any periodicity (annual through to daily) and all asset classes
  • Analysis can be based solely on historical returns or extend to position-level data
  • Wide range of benchmarks including “cash+” performance targets
  • Coverage of managed accounts as well as investment funds
  • Account aggregation functionality
  • Advances optimisation & efficiency analysis

Typical clients include: wealth managers, asset managers and fund services.